Sneakers with Reflective Transfer

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Men’s green lace-up sneakers in a combination of materials, featuring a sock-style design. Purchase this product on

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 19 × 21 × 32 in

Shoe Size

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The model is wearing size: S, Model height: 5.71 ft / 174 cm


Standard shipping: $5,95


Machine Wash up to 40ºC/86ºF Gentle Cycle

3 reviews for Sneakers with Reflective Transfer

  1. Get Bowited

    it is breathable …. I’m living in Colorado but I bought it anyway for try even weather is cold. I wasn’t so sure that I ordered “ok” item beause of price. Once I got this sneaker on my feet and…. really love it. I mean “love” it. This sneaker make my leg looks nice and very comfortable. I wear everytime when I wear fitness clothes on. By the way I do workout 5day/week…. My oldiest asked for her and I got it and now she asked me different color (spoiled alert!!!). Couldn’t say no becasue she workout more than me and we do laundry so she need one extra. It working out well for her and me. Price range is great and fashion wise… most likely… it is functional!!! (thank you and sorry for my English.)

  2. Alicia Taylor

    I ordered the 8 1/2 Fits my foot perfectly! True to size and very comfortable; even a little bit of wiggle room at the top of the shoe! Cute to boot! I scuffed the top and it was pretty easy to clean due to the material at the top; though I would advise against cleaning it with colored cloth or paper towels with designs because it can bleed onto the shoe. Great for me and would definitely buy more! Has a bit of an arch to it so it raises your heel up a bit; letting you guys know just in case that might be a bother! Also the inside is like a plastic feel to it but nothing so much to bother me.

  3. Finn

    Really good.

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